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Are you a company looking for a new way of communication?

Is your current presentation on the Internet outside of your own media not up to that of your competitors?
Are you a brand launching a new product and wishing to provide a dose of originality to your business off the beaten paths?
Are you a record label that wants to drive or better control the contributions of your supporters?
Are you looking for dust off your image?
Are you a publishing company investing in a young author and you want to expand his/her audience?

Are you someone concerned by your virtual representation?

Are you an emerging artist and your first works are hard to break through and you need to consolidate your reputation for durability?
Being a business leader, your qualities and skills are overshadowed by the success of your own company or its products?
Are you a celebrity in the process of reinventing yourself and you want to be appreciated and reposition yourself differently?
A writer, a model, a military man, a politician, a public figure, etc.


Analysis and solution strategies

Market research, control of current situation, communication strategy and economic model. Tender, price consultation and trade negotiation policy, creation of management tools. Planning digital marketing.


Web implementation

Providers’ selection, implementation and monitoring of virtual campaigns, actions management, indicators management. Website creation / redesign, social networks and web deployment platforms, community management, scripting videos, buzz marketing.


Online representation

Crisis management, image preservation, company, product or person repositioning, personal branding, online identity construction, rewriting, content leveraging, cleaning blogs and forums interventions, wikis optimization.


Complementary actions

Web ranking, media relations, viral and relational management, telemarketing and back office database consolidation, CNIL compliance, and competitive intelligence.


Do you identify yourself with any of the previous descriptions?
We can help you. The work starts with you first. Your real life is the origin of your reputation on the Internet; it needs to be built up and powered by content.

Boost Expert will become your biographer.

We check what is there about you on the internet, outline your references on the internet and we centralize your data. We analyze the most suitable positioning on social networks and evaluate your eligibility in your area on specialized sites and wikis. We offer the most appropriate Internet devices specifically designed for your needs and we also put it into practice. We make its use easier and support you throughout the time that it will take in order to re-introduce to the world the new you. We operate in the most discreet way regarding your online identity, in the long term and during a crisis.